We give shape to your wishes.

We have been making unique handmade accessories and jewellery in Italy since 1983.

The Brand Story

What distinguishes an ordinary accessory from an eternal piece of jewellery?

Over four decades of experience in the design and production of unique handcrafted ornaments, the company has had only one aim: to make jewellery that survives the passing of fashions, endowing its customers with timeless beauty.

This makes Vintage Bijoux® jewellery unique. They do not follow passing trends, but rather embody desires, encapsulating them in an inimitable piece of jewellery.

Back in 1982, Cosmo Petrone and his wife Beatrice Luperini opened two handcrafted jewellery shops right in the heart of the city of love: Verona.

But the shop’s regular customers, they realised, were not asking for just any old jewellery. She wanted a unique piece of jewellery. Something that would give voice to her dreaming soul. From here, the world of Vintage Bijoux® was born, which today has become an internationally established reality.

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A different retail partner.

Emotions to wear, in retail.

“The feeling is that of wearing a dream.” This is how Vintage Bijoux® jewellery is described by the brand’s most passionate customers. Where does this very strong bond that customers have formed with the company over the years come from?

More and more often, in retail, lovers of vintage jewellery come across beautiful, fashionable, trendy jewellery…

But rarely do they come across a piece of jewellery that really fascinates them. All the products in front of the customer then become identical:

An ordinary piece of jewellery is just a piece of jewellery. An ordinary handbag is nothing but a handbag. Perhaps comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, easy to match… But it is not what the buyer is really looking for.

The customer cannot find what they are really looking for: emotions to wear. This is the Vintage Bijoux® product difference, and this has created a stable bond between the company and its clientele: those who discover a unique piece of jewellery fall in love with it, and look forward to the release of new collections.

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Our commitment to distributors.

Giving tangible form to wishes requires good logistics.

Thanks to 40 years’ experience in the sector, Vintage Bijoux is not only an established name among customers: it is also a reliable supplier already respected by dozens of partners in Italy and abroad.

The brand’s long history has allowed it to refine a logistics network that guarantees fast and highly efficient production, delivery and distribution times.

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The Vintage Bijoux® vision

An accessory that represents you.

Our company puts the buyer’s true need first: to wear an accessory that represents them, that distinguishes them, that really moves them.

This is why every product we design and produce is handcrafted with only one goal in mind: to make the wearer special in their eyes.

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The detail that makes the difference.

Discover why Vintage Bijoux quality is appreciated worldwide.

Natural and hypoallergenic materials

All our products are made with innovative materials and completely natural processes to always safeguard the skin and health of the wearer.

Fully integrated production chain

Thanks to decades of industrial development, our company has extensive know-how on every step of the production process.

Immediate customer and dealer support

A guarantee of product but also of service, our offices are open to the public and customer support is available daily from 9am to 5pm on +39 045 898 0700.

Fast national and international shipping

We export our jewellery and accessories all over the world thanks to an established network stretching from Asia to the United States.

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Having good taste means respecting the planet.Having good taste means respecting the planet.

Responsibility at the heart of the brand's future progress.

All Vintage Bijoux lines are made using only materials of the highest quality standards, abolishing any substance that could harm the health of the individual in the short or long term.

The entire product production chain is controlled and respects high standards of ethicality and eco-sustainability.

A product that needs no introduction.

If you want an accessory that ‘sells itself’, the Vintage Bijoux lines are what you are looking for.

To become part of the Vintage Bijoux world as a retail partner, fill in the form by clicking the button below: we will contact you promptly to get to know you better.

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Completely Made in Italy, without compromise.

All products are designed and manufactured in Italy, in Verona. We believe in Made in Italy as a way of life, synonymous with immortal elegance and inimitable good taste.

Made in Italy cannot be just a slogan: it is a commitment to the centuries-old tradition of costume jewellery in the Bel Paese, which inspires us for the future.


Ti ricontatteremo noi.