Success begain in 1983 when Cosmo Petrone and Beatrice Luperini equipped with a vision and the audacity to amaze the world creativity, decided to embark on the road to artisan jewelry making. They develop flair by linking art with antiquities, experimenting forms and styles obliquely in line with current trends. Inspiration comes from the surroundings, from the most subtle splendor. Predicting the desires of their customers and sticking to seasonal trends, the collections combine tradition and research, artisan and manual expertise, as well as innovative techniques. Experts master goldsmiths work on each piece with dedication and love to create actual artworks that attest to true Made in Italy. Attention to detail, to stones, to finishings all the way to delivery to the client who receives a jewel that thrills at first sight and fulfills every female desire with a sense of pride.

Starting from 2000 years, the company majored in Private Labels, according the security and confidential protocols of the customers, domestic and internationals.
We are skilled in SILVER 925 as precious metal, and TOMBACK and BRASS, as common metals. This differentiation was born from the demand to serve at the same time the fashion’s world and its more prestigious worldwide brands, where the main topic is the imagination and the fancy, and fine jewelry’s brands where the main topic is the quality and the precious metal.



The Look & Took is a relatively young company. Its founder Francesco Petrone despite his young age he gained considerable experience art, creative both in the family business as the son of art in the design studio McArtur & Brown of New York. Born to collaborations with the big names of the jewellery industry and of Fashion accessory. The handwork performed by a team of expert goldsmiths who work with the company makes each jewel unique and meticulously cared for in every detail hand-polished piece by piece and unalterable are decorated with semi-precious atones, natural pearls , zircons and Swarowsky crystals. The result is a gem of high quality made in Italy and is targeted at women who love the simplicity but at the same time do not disdain the elegance, style, quality uniqueness and beauty. Currently he company produces two different collections:
LOOK line, all alloy, brass and bronze classic style revisited in a modern way with a wide selection of models and TOOK line, derived from the same modeling Look, I entirely made of silver 925/000 antiqued and polished by hand without galvanic and chemical processes adds a touch of preciousness.




The Mitò line was created by the expert hands of miniaturists entrusted with the task of representing the best of Italian vedutism typical of the Grand Tour on volcanic stones, originating from Vesuvius. Creations that begin well before the actual depiction of the subject: because there is the precise polishing of the volcanic stone with antique tools, and then meticulous and skilful mix of water and colored powders, and finally the skilful drawing that gives shape and life to the artist’s project. Atmospheres and gestures that take us back in time, when in the workshop of Masters such as Giacinto Gigante, students would eagerly follow the teaching. From those moments, those atmospheres, Mitò wanted to bring back fragrances and perfumes, the unconditional dedication and the creative expression; alchemy not all unique, because the secret lies in very few but essential ingredients: lots of soul and expert hands, the rest comes naturally, and the enchantment begins to create charms. In the end, each miniature is set by the Master jewelers in 925silver or bronze frames, with natural pearls and semi-precious stones; a discreet and simple finish, so that nothing detracts from the much deserved starring role of the works. Precious and unique crafts, rediscovered by mitò throwing a nostalgic look into the past, but with the conviction that today there is still opportunity and the right to regain possession of emotions and delleings.